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Guest yogi2187

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Guest yogi2187

I am asking you experienced shop owners out there I am pretty new to the tinting I am certified well I took a class I can shave edges do back windows one piece but still have alot of problems I myself can do 1-2 cars a day have done about 25 cars so far but could use practice yet and I have been looking around for shops and I found only one that comes remotely close to my price range 1200 a month w/ uttilities and I only have about

7500 saved right now for a shop and was wondering if you guys could give me advise if I should wait to get a shop or if I should jump on it now before someone else takes it the shop has a nice office w/a big garage 2400sq ft ive done alot of looking and research for about 8 months now I have all the toolls etc.. except film stock I have 2 glass tables radio advertisement for a gift cert.or 2 I just want to be sure it is going to make it and I dont want to lose everything there are 2 other shops here but one is never open 1-2 days a month and the other is well known butniether can do one piece back windows nor shave edges what should I do? wait and get more practice or say screw it and ope

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Here's my honest quick answer...If you were in my neck of the woods with that kind of experience..you'd be shut down pretty quick.

However...judging by what your saying about your competition..sounds like a goldmine opportunity, what I would do is work under somone elses name first..cut a deal with a graphic or glass shop that doesn't already offer it..made money ..and mistakes there...once you get more confidence..and a little more back -up cashflow...strike out then...the best in your area..

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Guest thetintshop

where's that thread I made a couple weeks ago for guys wanting to open their own shop?? the one about the "little things" that no one ever thinks of?? this guy needs to read that.

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Guest Readyman


You haven't got a clue what it takes to open a shop and keep it going. You yourself said that you are still having problems, so you should work on your quality and speed before biting off the expenses of a shop.

You might also think about mixing in a few periods or commas in your post. We aren't a bunch of English majors but take a breath.

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Guest thetintshop
mouth=honest opinions, if you don't want them dont ask.

Is this what you want to hear?

"by all means open a shop, nothing to it, good luck" :shiz

that's exactly what he wants to hear. :spit

yeah, we all started somewhere guy. and it wasn't going balls first into a shop without several years experience. I had 10 years in before I opened my own shop.

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Guest yogi2187

the main reason I want to open a shop, is the other 2 shops seem to not care.

In the end my work looks 5x better.They claim to be tinters both,of over 10 years

and ,I now have to redo what they did

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The ability to tint 6 cars a day every day is only the start.

In the world of skilled labor there are divisions in the workers.




There are more in between for some, like doctors. You describe yourself as a late apprentice. You need to get to the Journeyman stage, which like a resident doctor, you can go to a facility and perform most all functions while under supervision. A true Journeyman can go from shop to shop and fill the position with little assistance. A master can create from nothing a whole shop. Careful the speed at which you advance yourself. With a little luck and the right environment a Journeyman can become a self taught master tinter, but the master level is not about the tintwork anymore but sales, management, logisitics, planning etc. The simple skill of tinting can hold your doors open of course, but the inexperience in the other areas of business can get you closed down.

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