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Tough back glasses

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Ok I've thought of a new way to attack tough back glasses but haven't tried it yet (you know cutlass eclipse 944 etc...). Anyways dry shrink to the point where you know it will crease on the next pass then do a wet check, this should create wet fingers and allow you to "play" with the film a little more. attack it like you would a normal wet check. Like I said I haven't tried it but think it might work, I know when I feel like I have a crease coming I sometimes do that and it works fine but never did a whole back glass with this method. If anybody tries it, keep us posted :hmmm

PS sorry if you wanted this in the TOTW forum TD I just wanted it to get some traffic, if you want to move it feel free :hmmm

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I guess it depends on the film. I've done the same. On 944's I burned the sheot out of it trying that. You might be better off using the lift and feed method, but again it depend on the type of film you are using.

It may work better with dyed film as opposed to a hybrid.

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Am I missing something or is this method your describing not explain the very concept of a wet check after a dry shrink...to see if there is anymore shrinking to do prior to install :hmmm

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