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What was the BEST excuse?

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Surprisingly enough I've had had people be quite honest with me before. Whenever I book an appointment I try to tell the customer that I work by appointment only and that when he arrives I will be ready. By the same token I remind them that if something comes up please call asap so I can be ready for someone else.

I've had them say they've lost their job, didn't have enough money etc, blew it on entertainment the night before.

None of them surprise me it just sucks when you get a no show and no call.

That's complete flat-out disrespect.

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Guest Sprinter

can't think of one thats a great one!

I get lucky and only get a few a year, my friend on the other hand gets them weekly, he'll book 3 cars from one family and wham they call the day of or arn't there when he shows and he's screwed then unless someone calls for a job that day!

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Guest Eclipse

Three times I have had customers total their cars the night before their appointment. :lol

A few months later when all the insurance crap finally gets them a new car, we have tinted them. Thats how I knew they were legit.

I don't recall a bullshit excuse. We have a good repor with our customers and they shoot straight. Like Squeege said. :thumb

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