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sloppy cuts on roll downs

Guest crewdog10

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Guest crewdog10

I tinted a 91' Honda Accord yesterday and it came out pretty well. But I always have problems with the roll down windows and was wondering if I am going about this the right way.

After I lay the tint on the window, I will trim it leaving roughly a half inch in all directions. Then I cut the rear starting from the top going down. When I insert my knife, its usually not precise because the film is partially lifted off the glass, and when I go down I tend to cut slightly wavey. If I start from the middle I can get the line right, but when I go up or down, I still have problems where the film bunches at the corners because of the overlap. The same problem applies to the front cuts as well. I am somewhat of a perfectionist and this is really p1ss1ng me off.

Other than this problem everything went well. I laid the best rear window that I have ever done on this car using the reverse rolling technique, I am really proud of it. But damn these roll downs. :thumb

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Guest crewdog10

Yeah, I think that is what I'm going to do next time. I'll cut approximately a six to 8 inch line in the middle and use a straight line ruler to finish the cut. I guess it's just practice, practice, practice. Thanks tintdude.

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