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Double Dry shrink??

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Ok I've thought of yet another idea. not sure about this one either. Shrink the film as far as you can before creasing on tough glasses, then pull the film off reapply another layer of dryer sheet splooge, allow to dry and reapply the film and continue where you left off, you could then probably work the crappy bubbles around to where you want them to go. Once again this is just another idea I came up with, if anybody is willing to try it keep us posted (don't get too many cutlasses or 944's round here)

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Oh Ok.

Look here

In the world there is this science called Industrial Engineering.

Now this isn't building factories.

It has a lot to do with Therbligs, however.

Now these IE's measure everything like good engineers do. Especially Therbligs.

The Idea is the less Therbligs the better. You double and tripple melters are adding Therbligs and Powder adds even more Therbligs.

Now there are only 17 known Therbligs in the whole world, so you gotta be duplicating Therbligs in order to do your work.

Question is, why don't you try to do your work with less Therbligs and save a precious national resource?

I can see why you might think it is good to make double sure a window is formed, but why not use your Therbligs on the upper and lower edges of that window and not waste extra Therbligs on the lifting and other messing around.

And while you are at it, check your Therbligs and make sure you are not wasting them, as you will get more done per hour that way, which is what the industrial engineering community really wants you to do.

In honor of Frank and Judy Gilbreth, creators of a hand motion catalog containing all 17 known hand motions, the "Therblig" was coined.

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like I said in two different ways now. More work. Just wet the thing and move the tunnels around to melt the areas. simple and no cleanup and no trips to the store for dryer sheets. Next you will be using sanitary napkins.

are you talking about wetshrinking? I wet shrank for about my first 3 years and then learned how to dryshirnk. Dryshrink gets the medal hands down.

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