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any ideas how to do this window???

Guest fimmo

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Guest fimmo

I have one of these booked in for may! it's a renault laguna just had a look at a neighbours and noticed how the back glass actually goes flat at the bottom!!

any ideas on how to do this? as most rear windows come out from the top then curve down to the bottom but not like this one???

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Guest naughtydog


Why dont you kust have a go and see how it turns out. Let the heat gun do the work for you and just give it a gentle smooth at the end with a gloved hand - works for me.

I think that will be easier than you think to do.


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Guest thetintshop

exactly what TD said. I would try a wet check before shrinking. might be suprised it doesn't have to be shrunk at all.

if the film tries to "lift-up", but lays flat when you squeegee it, it will probably lay down fine inside.

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Guest tintgod

what I do on thoughs...is when you lay the film on it ...more then likely you will have a long air pocket down at the bottom..where is curves up...I would run some low heat right down the center of the pocket and it will suck it in to the glass..giving you the curve of the window...this is what is do on all the window that do this...like the ford thunder chicken...and the taurass ..the one that is round..cant remember the year off hand..but it works for me... :popcorn ..good luck

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td is right. Just a note when you go indide the car to install. I squeeggee everything but the bottom 4 inches or so where it flips up there. Sometimes like a beretta the tint will stick when you lay it down and then flip back down. To avoid that give the glass on the outside a shot with your heat gun just before you lay the bottom tint or get a friend to put some heat to er while you are still in the car. The back glass looks a lot harder thatn it actually is. Later

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Guest Sprinter

dry shirnk it wet check it then install it, if it gives you a hassel just do it over with out the shrink on the bottom, that window looks deciving but I bet it will suprise you and go down woth no problem!

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