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Hey guys hows it going?I havnt posted in a while since the past year i have been running my small shop. My shop is a bit hiddin and kind of hard to find on google maps. Walk in traffic is usually if they happen to be in the area or if i have my A-frames out. I have been offered a shop thats on the main cross street and my question to the guys that work or own a shop in the front is if its worth it and about how much traffic is normally brought in. hopefully my question makes sense.

Great post. I'm having about the same deal going on. If I move to this shop i found my rent increases maybe a fourth. I need to move soon and wanted a larger shop. The shop i found is not larger, but would be great for a tint shop, as it used to be an oil change shop and would hold possibly 3 cars. High traffic area with good visibility. Two big draw backs though. I want to add detail and would not be allowed to wash cars anywhere on the lot. Second, it's a lot further from my main dealer account.

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