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Midtown Houston

AFS is coming to Houston

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AFS (Automotive Film Specialists) is coming to Houston. After many years of looking at how Cali shop is set up.....we are finally getting to have the same set up. We operate and own 3 location and are limited in our shop space. Due to the increasing demand in 3M Crystalline and PPF, we finally get to meet that demand with our new location. We have been working on this for a year now and building it from the ground up. It will be a state of the art work space located on the same lot as our Midtown Motor Trends location.

While at Sema 2016 we pick up some new product to add to the new business. We pick up Ceramic Pro 9H and 3M Scotchgard Pro Series. After many request for a ceramic glass coating for vehicle....I have decided to add that to the menu. I didn't add it before due to limited space. This will need a dedicated space for the application and IR curing stage. After testing out the new Pro Series.....I love this film. It is very easy to install and the clarity is amazing. It is a better film than Xpel Ultimate, which we still carry. We also got 3M Scotchgard Certified. Also, 3M Crystalline 20vlt got announce at Sema....like DynamicAppearance said "a game changer".

Will keep everyone posted on the progress of the new building.






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Congrats homie.   :thumb


We will have CR20 in by late next week, but have samples now and the film looks great.  They also have a Color Stable Pro and a Charcoal IR film coming out 1st quarter next year...both are to feel the gap between CS and CR.  The CS Pro just has higher IR versus the normal CS.  Once we start PPF, we will also be using 3M Scotchguard Pro as our higher end option...Llumar PPF (Suntek) being out 1st level.  Here is an interesting video comparing 3M, XPEL, and Suntek PPF that I just watched.


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