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Dear Squeegee,

Guest Braud Spectrum

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Guest Braud Spectrum

Dear Squeegee,

Bless me squeege for I have sinned...I done a bad bad thing today. :sad

Normally won't even eat a piece of gum in somebodys car that may be in the console...even if there's plenty. I have even gone so far as to call my customer and ask permission to eat a mint that I found down in the back seat that was all furry and sticky. I just feel so strongly about being responsible for my customers personal belongings. But today.... I was tinting the passengers side of an idiotic Vigor... rolleyes.gif naturally I was in a dither...when I spyed a CD case with hundreds of CD's in it on the floorboard. I opened the case and flipped thru them in awe. My heart started racing. There they all were. Shiney and glistening. :angel OLDIES! Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens, James Taylor...

I am soooo ashamed to tell you this....and by the way this is confidential isn't it? Like doctor/ patient... priviledged...right?

Squeeg, I could not help myself. First I meticulously made notes of their exact location and the direction they were facing. I even got out the compass to be sure the rotation in each individual pouch was correct. Then, I hid them under my shirt in case any neighbors were watching me as I made my way into the house with them. I quickly copied them to my hard drive so I could burn them to CD, then slithered back out there to the shop and replaced them precisely as they had been.

I am listening to James Taylor even as I type this... :cry

I have contemplated calling my customer tomorrow and confessing. I just want this sick feeling to go away...What should I do ? Please help me.



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in all honestly though I wouldnt be suprised if some of em did . I once had a guy tell me he was missing a cd. after I tinted his car. this was when I had my own shop. and I told him I had no need for his cd. he insisted it was missing . so I had to tell hiw what I hate admitting to my customers. that I just made 150 profit on his car in an hour. and have no need to steal something.

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Guest Braud Spectrum



I have always had that sneakin' suspicion too, FBJ.

"bs your nuts :mrgreen: "

:mrgreen: ...Am I Pie? I've often wondered... :drunk

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Don't sweat it BS.

Long after the RIAA has it's way and begins to sue individuals for downloading music off the net I, like you, will be getting my music the old fashioned way - By burning copies of my customer's CD's. I posted awhile back about this very topic. Just ask permission next time because you'll find that most people are flattered that you may share the same taste in music and might also recommend other suggested listening.

How might I ask does one go about asking permission? If you spot a CD out in the open that you like ask them about it then the conversation will go from there. Let them know that the reason you ask is because you listen to similar artists. Offer to burn them a mix of your stuff in return for burning a copy of one of theirs. Ya see that way everybody gets sumptin.

Happy listening.


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Guest Braud Spectrum

Thanks Squeegee.

Ya know...the real reason I did it... and not trying to excuse my behavior because I know it was wrong rolleyes.gif...is because I am on a dial up and it takes forever to d/l tunes. Plus it slows down my whole browsing experience to a crawl. I might miss things on TD and it makes it hard to follow what's happening when things are moving at break-neck speed.

But I think you are correct. Nobody ever told me I couldn't eat a furry mint whenever I asked permission.

It was such a chicken poop thing to do. Felt like such a weasel. You made me feel better. And I will ask permission from now on.

Thanks again, Squeegee.



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I rip off music all the time. I have dial up also, way too slow to download anything. Whenever I see some music I like, I promptly carry it over to my burner, do the deed, put the cd back, and I am a happy little tinter. You ought to see my collection! I felt guilty the first couple of times, but got over it pretty quick! Ask permission? And run the risk of getting blamed for a scratch that was already there? Naw, what you don't know, won't hurt ya! So, Sqeegee, does this mean I am without a conscience? Do you think I could find one to replace my missing one? Maybe I could find one in someone's cd case!

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