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3M Structural Bonding Tape. Coming soon to a security film job near you!

Edited :shock

Since this post was edited, the factory has informed me that even the low temperatures of 250 degrees would harm the film due to the long term of heat required. Forget about the fast cure of 400 degrees for 2 minutes. It would probably fry the glass thermal seal if it didnt break a tempered pane due to spot heat. But hey, :booga I'm trying!

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Guest metint

Just exactly how ill one be able to cure the stuff? 250-350 degrees F it takes to cure it for as long as an hour and a half. :rollin

I don't believe it's a threat or viable solution from an anchoring perspective. :rollin

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yeah, I need one. I got at least 27,000 linear feet of caulking in my face. I really need this industry to design some supplemental products to go with these S&S films instead of letting other companies create a product and then find it works for films.

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