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Yellow Squeegee

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How often do you replace your yellow squeegee? I?ve noticed that every time I replace it it glides across the glass and tint a lot easier. Even with that being the case I never seem to replace it until it starts leaving streaks across the glass. Maybe out of laziness. I?m just wondering what other tinters habits are with the yellow squeegee. I might have to change my habit and cut myself a new one more often.

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Guest thetintshop
I have had the same one for about four years now.  We have new ones laying around the shop but they feel thinner than the one I have.  I only use it to clean the glass not to install film.

about every 2 months. maybe once a month in the summer.

pro, so you've noticed the yellow ones aren't as thick as they used to be? I thought it was just me. I don't like them either. why does every time someone has a good thing going, do they up and change it? the new ones suck. I've ordered from a couple different places hoping to get one of the old ones. but no such luck.

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Guest metint
Believe it or not, you can run those across some 2000 grit wet sand paper just like a hard card and you're good to go for another 2 weeks

Risk embedded sand particles and scratched film? :DD:barf

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I/ve had the same squeger since I started tinting,it has changed from a variety of colors and has worn down ja bit ,thought they lasted forever. :DD

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