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Can't find spray nozzles! Help?!

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These Spray Nozzles are the BEST! Conserve water, you can change the tips, amazing. But recently I can't find these spray nozzles anywhere! Can you guys suggest anything?! I called Zola, 44 tools and Suntek.... Dead end!  These nozzles have filters and an option to change tips for lower water usage when spraying.. Any suggestions? Here's a couple pictures so you know what I'm talking about..


Thank you in advance!













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o man i have the same one on my tank. i love it but havent found a replacement yet. looks like yours have the same leaking problem that mine has.


ps. i cut the trigger down on mine

If I could, i would buy 20 of them... they will last me rest of my life!!! :)


these are 7 years old... i just snapped one accidentally...


they have to sell them some place!!!

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i wish i could find those again but i havent had any luck through the last couple years. my biggest thing was the plastic threads would wear apart over time or the body would crack. i was able to fix the leaky tip issues by just putting an oring between the the nozzle tip and the sprayer valve.

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