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New to tinting

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Hey guys,


Im looking at getting into the tint business. Just wana get some feedback about what distributes you guys are using for film and tools. Are any of them a net 30 day billing or is it cash up front? Looking to develop a relationship with a distributor to cover all my needs. Any help or direction would be great.


Doing a bunch or research on here the last few days has given me a good idea of what i can ans want to offer my customers. Figured id offer 3 different lines to cover all the needs of my clientele. 


My business model will be as follows;


3 levels.

Bronze, something like suntek

Gold, 3m

Platinum, Huper. 


I also pan on giving customers live product demos, such as the heat lamp, scratch and duct tape test. Figure these will help push the higher end stuff (3m and Huper) and show the customers the low quality the other shops in the area are offering, all of which only offer 1 line, mostly Express and ASWF. Figured this should set me above the other established shops.


Another question is pricing. Do you price on a stranded per vehicle type, coupe, sedan, mid/ large size SUV? Or actually do a price per Sq ft?


Any advice will be appreciated.

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Welcome to TintDude :beer

Check out the Global black box QDP film that Phillip and Criss big dog distribute from Solar Control Films Houston warehouse. You could have some problems with film failure in your area but not with the QDP black box film. I have been around film for awhile and can sleep good saying it is the only product I would use in south Texas. IMO

Anything you need to know is found here on tintdude using the search function or just posting questions and making friends. If you find yourself in need of training either hands on or DVD let me know! I hold hands on classes in Saint Louis Mo. and Portland Oregon currently and will be open in Houston this year. If you decide on my training Global films give you a 10% discount on your orders till you recoup your training cost.



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