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first cut film. whats the story?

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hi guys,


layman here needing yall expertise. my Honda dealership in katy texas. automatically tints there cars when hit the lot with first cut tint.

I looked on google and nothing really pops up. I never heard of them. I read some said connected to madico. I contacted madico and they said they dont construct the  film to contact first cut. anybody know where they place uv absorbers and how they construct the film, if it is quality or not?


thank you

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First Cut is the software for cutting patterns.  Maybe someone can chime in on the specific film being used by First Cut.  Only thing I can add is that 99% of the time dealerships use cheaper films and usually charge premium.  You are usually better off choosing no tint with them and going to a reputable shop.  There are obviously some exceptions to this though.

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yeah I saw online it is cutting system. but they have there own film too. yeah I know dealer using the standard dye film stuff.... the cars automatically come tinted there. they film them went hit the lot.


Majority of this industry is reboxed film, so I doubt it is their film...just reboxed from another manufacturer.  Basically you will not know it is good or bad until it starts to fail.  I would ask them to remove the film and have it tinted somewhere else personally.

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