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Armolan Window Films Raffle

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We would like to wish everyone a Very Prosperous 2017 :boogie! We wanted to start the year off right so we are doing our first ever raffle :thumb ! The Raffle is open to all TintDude members, the rules are simple:


1. POST POST POST! Every post equals one entry to the raffle.


2. Give us a like on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/armolanwindowfilms), it literally takes 10 seconds to do so. After the raffle winner is named we will check to see if this person liked our page (it is mandatory for all participants to have liked our Facebook page) , if they did not ( :facepalm2 ) we will give the price to the 2nd or 3rd place winner who liked our page.


The Raffle will run until 5pm Pacific time on January 31st, winner will be drawn by randompicker.com and will be named on February 1st, 2017.


Now for the good stuff! The winner will receive the following items:


The Automotive Package


1x AR Ceramic 70% 60" x 100ft (IR Rejection 72%)

1x HP (High Performance) 20% 36" x 100ft

1x HP (High Performance) 20% 24" x 100ft

1x NR (Non-Reflective) 35% 36" x 100ft

1x NR (Non-Reflective) 50% 24" x 100ft

1x 3' x 6' Armolan Window Films Banner

4x Armolan Window Films T-shirts (S-M-L-XL)

1x Free shipping if winner is located inside the US (international winner will be responsible for all shipping charges)


The Approximate retail value for these items is $1000.00 USD :woot2:dance:woot2


We will have another raffle coming up real soon for Residential products so stay tuned! :headbang


That's all everyone, Good Luck and Thank you so much!




The Armolan Team


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Good luck everyone. I don't do Fakebook so I'm not eligible. :evileye

I was thinking that too, I know quite a few people here don't use facebook, myself included, do not even have an account there.

Diego, is there some way we could include people who do not use facebook?

I understand if not and thanks for such a generous raffle. :thumb

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