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Thoughts on this, tint topic?


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I dont like putting 5% on the fronts because you can kill people with it. Also, it's just a matter of time before the social media gets caught up with an "illegal tinted car that kills someone" and it goes viral. The ones who are doing legal tint work will get screwed along with illegal tinters.

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I watch this guys vids... he's in PA (which he just said in the vid - doh!) 


Well.. I know  little about auto film, but I don't recall hearing that brand before, so it's probably junk. And on that car - laughable. 


But he's just some kid who doesn't, evidently, know much or care to learn much about the differences in film.



Just my 2cents though. 

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Ok there's a separate post for illegal chit so I'm not getting into that. Let's talk installer though. Dude squeegees with a yellow chizzler, yet shrinks with hats card and paper towel, cuts on the glass, leaves the film hanging over an inch at least, and the window showed up close was full of trash. Anyone catch anything else?

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1. I give Mike (car owner) props on using child labor to move that thing inside. :thumb2


2. I don't really like businesses that are based on the theme of illiteracy. (Name ends in a 'z') - no offense to any members here though :lol2


3. He's been pulled over before, so I'm sure he will again for the tint. So even though it's probably junk, it might be taken off before it goes bad. :dunno


4. If the tint guy is an actual friend (I didnt pay attention super closely) he should have talked Mike into using the Johnsons films. 



Umm... I think thats all I noticed. I did see the dirt that JH pointed out... can't really tell how good the job is without see it up close. Hopefully (?) it's not full of sand. :gasp

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