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Graphics templates for sale without software license subscription?

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Hi everyone,


I have a Graphtec plotter. Does anyone know if I can buy graphic patterns only, to cut it myself without having to subscribe to a software or pay for a full yearly software licence? I install PPF and vinyl graphics, right now I use 3M Digital Designs for my PPF templates and they have PPF only, with a few tint cuts. So I'm wondering if any company out there sell only the design that I could for instance, cut it myself using Graphtec Cutting Master or any other cutting software. I contacted Film and Vinyl Designs and they were awesome, but I'm not familiar with the graphic designs that they carry and my installations for graphics are not on that volume yet, that would justify me having another monthly recurring bill, right now or pay for a full license.

I appreciate if anyone have any info or input to help me on this.

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