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Eliminating the heat gun

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Fun day, Lost my glasses.  Do you really have to see good to tint? So here is the new vid.  Always was asked if I could tint blindfolded, pretty close.  Always like a challenge.


So for those that have asked, current SOP for doors.  completes are all cut, then shrunk, then hung.  wipe up last because most cars dry by the time I finish.  less work




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called a shank,  found on most tool sites.  used to use ez reach,  the offset of the shank makes it easier to tuck or on tight ones run a ez reach or finger with it.  looking at it I am sure the inventor started with a plastic knife and bent it with a heat gun  LOL

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Oh my Shady what a big turbo you have.  :lol

Awww, now ya gots me blushin.


start of vid, the grip allows me to bend the turbo and clean the window in 3 passes.  tacking the film, i leave it straight so I don't lose alignment.  Some of the shops or dealers I go,  the custy or others watch as I work.  To enhance the "show" and demonstrate the art, at 4.54 and 6.28 you catch the twirl of the turbo and at 6.42 my pro handle is tossed spinning from the right pouch to left hand.  anyone remember Tom Cruise in Cocktails? throwing film, torches and tools over the car to my assistant caused to much panic with owners, car and shop.  still get to have a little fun.


anyway, yellow turbo is only for moving as much water as possible to set the film so the pro-handle finish it.  no texture or water spots with the pro compared to turbo when done meaning faster dry time.  yes I have a small one for little windows

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You want to do away with the heat gun and torch pull that bottom seal.

only pull sweep if it is quicker then tucking.  200, 15 malibu,  have yet to pull a door panel.  good hooker always comes in handy.  torching the top = no fingers at the bottom and no peeling issues.  Do not have to tuck over an 1/8 unless the inner sweep is higher then the outer.  then tuck to outer sweep for cosmetic purposes.


some doors ya really have to shrink,  couple seconds torchin top eliminates the need to stretch or shrink bottom risking fingers or peeling

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