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2017 cruze hatchback.


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Hey guys, I do all the work for my locale Gm dealer. Just curious what everyone does or things is easiest to do the rear hatch? Ive been taking back aprt to separate the spoiler from the car. Something easiest out there? I do the same thing for focus hatchbacks as well usually. Thanks

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Ok, I've done a few of these now and have to say on the whole they are pretty easy. On the hatch I don't bother to disassemble to pull the spoiler I just tack with a horizontal line instead of an H-pattern and bump the film down so I can shrink the top first, then bump up to shrink the bottom. Granted that's using a plotter cut pattern, if you're hand cutting you'll need to remove the spoiler. The doors are cake other than the 1/4 windows which are worse up front than the rear. Remove the 7mm screw behind the handle then pull the top of the panel straight back and the sweep comes right out. On the 1/4s I recommend cutting your pattern exact, the seals are basically bonded to the glass on two sides, if you're using a plotter be prepared to trim your film. Access on the front 1/4 sucks due to the upper trim on the door, hasn't been enough of an issue for me to look into R&I-ing it though. @no ma'am here's the detailed shots you asked for.









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Did one of these the other evening, not too bad. I do hand cut everything so this one takes a while, 9 windows, 10 if you include splitting the strip. I did figure a way to cut, shrink and install the rear without removing anything. I did a quick oversize on the outside and laid it on my peeler. Then took a liner i had in the can from the back window of a car i did the day before. Put the liner on the inside of the hatch and cut out a pattern. Then transferred that to the outside of my actual film i had laying on the peeler. Cut the upper contour exactly, then cut the sides and bottom slightly over sized. Dry shrunk and installed, had to do minor trimming on the inside but it worked pretty good. The less i have to remove the better lol... 









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