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99$ Tint Shops

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Whats your opinion? 

some shops seem to use to it drive in business and apparently "upgrade" them once in the door. Do you prefer to be known as the $99 tint shop or the less busy charger more per car type of guy? But who's making the most money?? Obviously depends on volume and area you are in but just wanted to hear anyones opinions. 

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Reputation and quality installs over money and volume any day.

I'd rather be the guy that everyone says does great work than be the cheapest.

When people ask me for stuff like military discounts and such - I say no thank you - but my prices are already rather competitive and my installs are top notch. :thumb2

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You can make more money with volume and being cheaper depending on how many people you have and their pay.  I know a guy that tints at a flea market that charges $120-$150 (used to be $99) with I think 4 guys.  He makes a killing because all tinters are slammed all day long.  Personally I want to be a higher priced shop with higher quality doing less vehicles and making close to the same he is making with much less work and much less headaches.

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Of course it depends on how much you can push out, but most are right quality of over quantity, I rather charge $1000 for one car than do a million to just get to that number. But $99 tint shops are popping every now and then maybe lower but, it doesnt help when certain distributors encourage customers charge $99 per car :facepalm2

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Exactly. I wonder when you take everything into consideration... Overhead including rent for a big shop... The number of employees you need for high volume... Turn over of tinters coming and going, training new employees... etc.. are these shops really netting big numbers?? Or would a small shop.. maybe two employees plus the owner... Higher priced jobs.. end up making more doing less??? I would tend to think so.

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Here is my post:

If you tint 100 cars for $99 you get about 10k but if you tint 50% of that for $199 you also make 10k but you're stressing yourself out way less. All 100 customers want their cars tinted so if shop A and shop B offered $199 for tint both shops can profit the same amount as if 1 shop offered $99.

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