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Hello,I've been tinting,and installing after market accessories for over 20 years,to include:PPF,MOST VINYLS,PLAST-DIP,WRAPS,GRAFFICS,HEADLIGHT AND TAIL LIGHT TINTING AS WELL AS RESTORATION,I CAN ALSO DO MOBILE,IN-HOUSE DEALERSHIP PRE-LOADS,OR IN A FULL SHOP WORK,I ALSO DO OTHER AUTO WORK TO INCLUDE HEAD LINERS,SOME UPHOLSTERY,AND GLASS REPLACEMENT, I DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES,NO ILLEGAL OR STREET DRUGS,AS MANY OF US DO,I HAVE A FAMILY TO SUPPORT,AND I MUST WORK FOR A COMPANY THAT HAS VOLUME,THEREFORE,IM LOOJING FOR A REPUTABLE SHOP,ONE WITH A GOOD,HONEST,AND THAT HAS INTEGRITY!! ESPECIALLY FROM MANAGEMENT,IM NOT A TINT SLINGER,I DO NOT DO The 17,OR 20 MINUTE TINT JOBS,if your looking for 10+ cars a day,I'm not your guy!! But,I can do about 7 in a day, flawlessly,exact and precise cuts,and Clean installs!I can still turn out vehicles in a timely manner but,they are not going to be redos or comebacks I'm proficient! Do not need training,although,I can always learn more and different techniques and styles! Always willing to learn! Or I can train and pass on my experience to another,and or help set up or tweak your shop to run smarter not harder,I'm looking for a shop that I can be proud to work for,maintain a good,honest and reputable reputation!! Or help a shop gain and make one!! Please feel free to call,text or E-mail me!! Thanks for your time!! (727)254-6919.

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