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BG Shrinking, Tiny Bubbles. Newbie.

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Hi Everyone,

Longtime Reader, First time posting.


I've been learning to shrink BG for the last little while and everything has gone smoothly except for a few Bubbles? of film that seem to not want to work with me.


I'm using the dryer sheet method, Wagner heat gun, and A blue hard card or sometimes a felt Mactac squeegee when I shrink.  


Any how here are a few photos of what I am talking about. These are not creases but bubbles. I try to work them out but to no avail. The same bubbles show up after I do the install as well. Using yellow turbo and BlueMax for install.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!







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I might recommend a new heat gun if the problem continues.  Dryer sheets make the film stick to the glass.  the vertical bubbles are from not enough shrink in that area and the horizontal ones are from overshrink.  Basic wet check should pull them out stretching the film.  next time you shrink,  look for a star looking thing in the shrink.

starburst, hotspot many terms for it.  typical cause is the thermo-regulator is going bad in the gun pulsing heat giving uneven shrink.  very common on the wagners and less expensive heat guns.  Heat guns vary from 800-1200 degeess,  I prefer the hotter ones shrinking my area speeding things up.  other things that help are running the rear defrost to warm the BG up.  Other note,  cut the sides perfect for shrink or even the entire BG.  small finger on the side makes a huge finger on the top or bottom,  why make it more difficult?  why cut twice?

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