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XPEL and CQuartz looking for personal experience

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I haven't been doing PPF for the last few years, but the wife's car got some hail damage and needed some new paint.  We had planned on CQuartz and PPF in the past, but then a fender got damaged and never got around to it.  Now that everything is fixed, we are going to get it taken care of before she starts driving.  It's over at the detailer's shop now getting CQuartz coated and like a dummy, I didn't think to see if the coating might affect the install of the PPF until I watched some of the videos and they were showing the hydrophobic properties.  I did some searching and saw XPEL recommended not applying over coating, but other searches saying it wouldn't cause a problem and they actually preferred it coated because of cleaner installs.  I'm just curious if anyone has any specific experience with this.  I am doing full hood, fenders so I'm hoping I didn't shoot myself in the foot on the larger pieces.

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Adhesion can be an issue installing PPF over a already coated paint. If they haven't done the parts you want to install PPF over I would not do it. It's just a waste of money to coat then PPF over it IMO. Although I would defiantly coat over the PPF. It will be easier to clean and will help with staining on the bra. 

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I disagree, whole heartedly. I have been doing film over top of C quartz finest and ceramic pro for the past 5 years and have never had film left on the edges. I had Gtechniq exo V2 on my own audi S5, kept ultimate on it for 3 years and 55k miles, once the film was beat to death I removed the complete front end, full hood, full fenders, and bumper in less than 15 minutes with minimal adhesive left. full fendrs came off in less than 10 seconds. I have video of it but i cant get it uploaded...

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