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What's your plotter brand and How many cars per roll of tint with

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I use the Vinyl Express Q series. I have two 42" for tint and one 64" for PPF . It is a rebadged Graphtec and well worth the money. I change blades about once a year. it is mostly very efficient..there are moments. Jam? There really aren´t jams...It will sometimes have film walk on you, but with practice those are very rare. I have been a hand cutter for 30 years now and thought I would hate using one, but a plotter is a great if you need one and have the volume for it. 


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Had a generic, wouldn’t recommend it. If your at Least 5 cars a day. Do yourself a favor and buy a name brand. better plotters are easier to switch between materials. I love my Roland 60”. You may need it for designs for frosting  offices. So go bigger if you can

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