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Wrap dimensions and resolution.

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Hi everyone, I'm new here and have a question.


First of all, I'm a graphic designer (primarily printed marketing materials) and have been approached by several customers wanting vehicle wrap designs that can be delivered to a local wrap shop for print and installation.


I need to know what dimensions and resolution are required for a good print.



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Well, Fossil, dimensions, and resolution depend on the graphics work you needed and size of a vehicle. Some people use normally dimensions around 78"x52" @72 dpi. If you want wraps for trucks then you may have to increase its size. Remember, you will have to go with the unique/custom design approach in order to gain customer trust and future service requests. Now, people are more concerned about the promotion of their services or products and they go for the vehicle graphic and wrapping services. 

You can read a guide on the type of vehicle graphics essential for business promotion here :  See a type below in the image.


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When possible I use vector based graphics so resolution is never an issue. Most professional shops want a minimum of 300 dpi at output scale on raster based file like a jpeg or tiff.

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better explanation
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