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Hiring Window Tinters

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I've never been in your situation,  so I'm not sure I would do as I'm suggesting... but with the way the tint industry is in that there is a good % of employees that decide to leave and start their own shop - I think I would sit down with the tinter and come to an arrangement that makes both parties happy with the tinter happy enough that they wouldn't decide at some point down the road to become my competition. 


Granted, there are no guarantees in life, but I would try to do what I could to protect my own business as much as I could. 

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If you want to maxims your profits I would not hire another tinter just yet. You say you have 2 partners that both are experienced installers. i would look to hiring some to so all the other things like, run cars, run the front end, pep cars for you, clean the shop. All the stuff that takes you away from installing. You will likely pay them less and have way lee heartache and will also be keeping installs up to your standards. 

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lots of options to choose from.  fair commission varies by market,  go to your competitors and apply for a job to find out.  help wanted ad, top pay, interview your competitors employees.  I have an assistant, for prep and clean up on salary.  steady income, full time summer par time winter work.  if I am open 9 to 6 and it takes me 1.5 hours to tint a car I make X  6 cars 1/2 hr lunch.  with assistant takes 1 hour and can tint 8.5.  do the math for your market.  what do you make a car, cost you a car does the difference support an addition?


total sales/invoices per year = what ya make

total overhead per year/invoices what it cost ya


you can break it down by week, day or by employee.  can be a eye opener to know what an empty bay cost per hour

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