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Security Film Question

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While I'm not 100% sure - I would say no. Only because I know the AG film comes off of the glass easily... since it's meant to be removable. 

Security film has a much better adhesive.. which I've had to remove some of that too and it was incredibly hard to remove. 

My fear would be if there ever is an issue, the AG film wouldn't hold onto the glass as well. Now, as far as holding the glass together to minimize someone getting hurt - yeah, it would probably do that. Just not offer much in the way of security if someone is trying to break in. 



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1 hour ago, TINTZEUS said:

Ok. Well then can security film be put on the exterior and still work?

No, the film needs to be installed on the inside as it will hold the glass better once it is impacted from the outside, the glass and film work together.

However if you install a AG film (outside)  and S&S film (inside)  on the same glass, It would be better protection than just 1 of either film.

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9 hours ago, Tint Eastwood said:

:yeah I can agree with most of that, but Mike are you saying that the film will be less effective on the outside compared to the inside or are you stressing the necessity for a spall shield/coating on the inside layer?


Was sorta wondering the same thing?  My guess is.. if film is on the outside, it will be compromised first and become less effective, rather than the glass becoming compromised and having to tear the film from the outside in,,,, keeping the film stronger until it is compromised.  Just a guess. :dunno  :twocents 

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