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XJL 2011-present rear deck removal

tint-factory clearbra

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Reach under the lower seat cushion to release. There will be several connectors to disconnect.


Pull the 2 straps coming out from under the top section. Seat will tilt forward and pull out.


You will have to remove all the side trim panels including the lower door jamb pieces. 3c56acdc29a6b183d259a9b7eb0940a5.jpgd1e7a659e8952eff1c3e2dd45a671cab.jpg

There will be 2 8 mm bolts holding the deck in on each side plus 3 clips at the front. Just loosen the bolts, you won't have to remove them all the way.


You can see the black tabs on the bottom side of the deck. c420a6ac9e917faea9288b9ee3a6fa14.jpg

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