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I checked our business on google and had a "permanently closed" and had to fix, google didnt notify us or anything. Seems like someone or competitors did this but shitty for google to not let the owner of the business before doing so? keep up with your pages folks!

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19 hours ago, jh812 said:



19 hours ago, whitehog said:

Not the first I've heard of it happening Tint.


9 hours ago, TINTZEUS said:

Lame! was it an eazy fix?

Yep, just gotta go and sign in and remove it. Super Lame for sure. Now im gonna have to keep checking when i can remember. 

8 hours ago, DynamicAppearance said:

Damn, you would think they would verify it by atleast calling.  I reported a business closed not too long ago on Yelp and it took a week for them to list it closed after they checked.

At least verify! or call, email, send a pigeon with a note or something! just because someone reports something closed doesnt mean its true!

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