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and the winner is ..

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And the winner is ..



.... drumroll ....



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Mr. E_Loc ! :clap:clap:clap:rock:rock:rock


Message us with your complete Shipping information as soon as possible! Everyone thanks so much for playing! :dance


We will be having another raffle open to everyone on the forum so stay tuned! :film:boogie





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Wait.... :hmmm   I thought this was a raffle give away.   


Quote =  And the price goes to ... :? 



Just picking  on ya :poke  





Congrats E-Loc :win  :thumb  

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Oh my!!! I am in disbelief right now, I never win anything. Wow 


thank you so much Armolan window film for the amazing raffle and the oppertunity. And thanks to tintdude for a great place to have these oppertunities and a forum with great people and knowledge.


this is going to help me out BIGTIME! I can't wait to start using the products!


thanks guys, smiling ear to ear right now lol



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