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Are these bubbles normal?

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Hi all, I am new here and I have been reading a lot of your posts lately.


I decided to get some fresh tint on my new Honda yesterday, and I thought the tint looked really good at first (from a few feet away). I drove it around today and noticed quite a few little bubbles and bumps in the tint. Is this normal? Can I expect these bubbles to go away in a time? I have heard a lot of mixed info online about what to expect. I don't want to ask the installer yet if you all think I should wait a few days or weeks.


Here is a link to my Google Drive, which shows the bubbles in my tint.




Any and all advice/info is very much appreciated. Thanks in advance!


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While it's normal to have a few specs of dirt like that, that appears to be excessive in the video. It's hard to tell in the video for sure whether it's on the inside or outside but there also appears to be a hair or large fiber as well. Is it just the one window or the whole vehicle?

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Thanks for the reply! Sorry, that large white hair looking thing is just a fiber from my towel. All of those little white bubbles (especially visible near the end of the video) are all on inside of the tint. I understand a few might be present, but I feel like I have a lot. This is the driver window, which is by far the worst. The other windows aren't too bad (a few bubbles here and there).


Here are two photos that show it a little better...it's really hard to photograph! But the exterior of my window is nice and clean (except for the towel string in the video), so anything on there are little bubbles. 






Thank you

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Yep, that's contamination between the film and the glass, something like that isn't going to go away as it dries. Like I said, a couple of those is normal but what you have is excessive. I'd take it back where you had it done and give them a chance to redo it and make it right, as long as it's a reputable place and you're cool with them they should take care of that no problem. 

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