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Does tint have a shelf life?

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1 hour ago, lilDetails said:

Unless it has had the liner slip and has been in a moderately climate controlled place I would say it is good.  I might not use something that is over 10 years old on an important job.

Sooooo....your saying I probably should not have used that 25 year old AB 36 on that Ford Pinto the other day???? Ooops!






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I've seen lulu jet turn purple on the roll. Tried to stick some old madico that wouldn't separate from the release liner. So yeah there's definitely a shelf life, if you want it to last store it in a cool dry place and try to keep the bag on it in the box!

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Now you guys have me wanting to play around with some of the OLD film I have stored away up stairs. I just threw some 3m Panther black away the other day that was purple on the roll. Guess I should have kept it for the next person that calls looking for some purple tint for their car...:facepalm...Yeah....I've had people ask.

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