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So I decided to give the  SolarFX FXtreme2 Nano-Ceramic a whirl and see what I thought...


So here goes for the good...Feels good, has low static on liner peel, and the clarity is good. Installs just fine not any better or worse then anything else I have ever used. I can't comment on the scratch resistance as I usually don't scratch on any of my installs...once in a blue moon I'll scratch my normal brand up with a bad tool when I wasn't paying attention. Drying & stick were on par...I didn't notice any extra grab or any less grab then what I'm used too...I do all my installs with slime and the same measured ratio. It tolerates heat really well without pinching. The color on the car looks okay mostly to the green side. No pronounced haze at low angle sun which is two thumbs up.


So for the not so good...The color out of the box. I just don't like it. Kind of an dull olive green with a hint of brown mixed in....at  least to me. Color is subjective a little bit as everyone kind of sees color differently..just my opinion. It shrinks super super slow. It tolerates the heat if you get real aggressive but still is just slow to shrink. Really those are about the only not so goods....so overall I think it's a solid film with a couple of drawbacks for me.


The service from the crew their is top notch. Very helpful, knowledgeable, courteous, and they follow up. Definite gold star.


I had an issue today with quality control on the film. Spec of who knows what made it's way into the manufacture..not a huge deal but got to redo a vette rear window because of it. That didn't set off my happy meter, but stuff happens and I have seen it with other brands too. I've hung a bunch of this stuff already and this was the first hiccup. I am sure this is more the exception then the rule so don't anyone panic over it.  Posting up some pics so you get a visual of both the spec and the finished product.


So overall I'm still kind of undecided. I figure I will keep trying it out for little while longer, and give it a fair shot.





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@tinterforlife Thank you for taking the time to give your honest review of our FXtreme2 film. I like that you shared the good and bad from your perspective. This is a sure sign that it is a true and fair review.

Thank you again for trying our films and we appreciate your kind words about the service we provide for our customers.


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I've been using solar fx and I think the color has been my biggest complaint.. I've tried majority of series and they are either to green looking or to brow. I had my truck tinted a couple years ago before I started in suntek Carbon and oh man do I love the color of it.. so sure enough I bought like 25 feet to just tint my own personal rig lol. Also discovered that it doesn't stick near as well as solar fx and it shrinks so fast that I almost melted within a second of putting heat to it 

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Guest Trash! Do not buy Solar FX

My amazing experience with FX; NOT!

This is some cheap ass shit. Peels, installers complained because it’s difficult to install, thin, cheap crap. My tint looks terrible, Solar FX wants to disregard their crap tint saying they warranty will replace my tint, but not the install. 


I wouldn’t let another person touch my window who uses this trash. Obviously for cosmetic purposes only. I can drive and feel the sun damaging my skin and heating up my car. If you want real tint please apply Xpel (Polarized) Ceramic Tint these folks are selling you garbage and tell you it’s ceramic and over charging you. Buyers beware!  

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21 hours ago, highplains said:

How long did you have it on your vehicle? I've been running their Ceramic on one of mine for years with no issues both in terms of performance and longevity. 

Short story, there was not a film failure. IRFX Series Nano-Ceramic Film was installed last week 10/7/2019. He was not happy with the installation. 5% all around the vehicle on a 2005 Scion XB. Said it was a poor install. Bubbles in the film, 1 week later. Says that this is a SolarFX Warranty issue. Wants us to refund him. Told him this is not a manufacturers defect to go back to dealer. 

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