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Some browsers unable to reach tintdude.com

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So there's some issue with the https here causing some browsers to have issues getting on.


Since the only thing that needs https is the log in screen, we are going to change that on the server. It's going to take a while as it's the weekend, so anybody's guess when it will happen. Hopefully it will be seamless.


One issue might be bookmarks that have https, not sure if they will redirect to http or not.


One other issue is that I've changed most of the signatures to https and until I know if those will get rewritten, I need to turn signatures off for everyone until I get it sorted.


I know it might be confusing and I'm learning all this as well by the school of hard knocks, so please hang in there and thank you for your patience and know that if your browser is saying there's a security issue, this is why, not because of something bad.


Thank you!

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