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Good supplier of INTERIOR 'glass-scapes'?

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I am looking for a manufacturer/supplier of the perforated vinyl glass-scape picture films, for interior application. My current suppliers have switched to exterior applications, and though I have installed a couple, I don't like them on the outside in my climate. They don't work well with the ice-scraper! I think they are trying to cater to the DIYer, but they can't be warrantied at all on the outside.

If anyone has a reliable supplier of quality product, please let me know. Thanks in advance.

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I guess I didn't think about the addition of the product to factory tinted glass. Now that I think about it... it was about the time when that became very popular on the ex-cabs that the 'glass-scapes' switched to exterior applications.

Thanks metint, I will check them out.

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Here's who I use. Their local to me but have two locations east and west coast. They ship next day. And everythings usually a 2 day ups ground because their last pick up is at 7:00

I just show customers there catalog and order the glasscape when they pay half up front

Auto Accessories Wharehouse


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