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'17 Camaro back glass


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Haven't had any issues with the side door latch. As far as the back glass a Titan does a pretty good job if you don't have large hands, I've seen someone take an old bulldozer cut it and lengthen the handle of a new one to get it to reach. If you pull the deck you gain all the access you need but you have to tear out half the interior to do it and you have to be super careful not to knock the defroster tabs off or puncture a speaker...ask me how I know...

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I have done 3 so far.  The Titan was what worked for me also. Just have to position it in my hand just right to get pressure on the glass. The shop our local Chevy dealer sends work to has been having people get the window cut out to tint them. Says it can't be done other wise.I wouldn't want the window cut out of my brand new car. 

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