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So my kid was playing with her I-pad a lot and usually wound up getting really cranky and frustrated, so we decided to bite the bullet and take it away. It's been about a week now and I think she's much happier without it.


It was great for a while with learning apps and I think she benefited from some of them, but as she went on a lot of them were just junk and time wasters that really weren't teaching her anything useful. Now that the withdrawal is over she's stopped asking for it and she's playing a lot more with real toys etc.

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 My daughter started kindergarten this year. She made it three days before being sent too the principal's office :lol initially I just found it funny. Something about not sharing with another child. Well of course the wife and I talk it over some. This is a new environment to her but it's honestly odd that she act up for others. We had her in preschool last year only half day. She never had any issues there at all. She's going to turn 5 in September so it is a little early. We decided that if it happens again we're going to pull her out. Something just doesn't seem right for that to happen. 

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