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PPF training with the great people from SolarGard

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Starting my PPF career with some training with SolarGard soon. Have always treated me very good :twocents great people to work with!

Portland is a tech place.....home to Intell, Nike and more simiconductor manufactures to name that employees make great money and drive high end cars. 

SolarGard MAKES THEIR OWN quality product and has a great support network. 

Nike world headquarters is around three miles from my shop. Feeling excited to work again with the fantastic crew from SolarGard ! 



* I edited my original post because I try very hard to be positive in my life and don't need my own negative feelings affecting others.

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Being positive
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I suspect xpel has more factory trained guys in this town than 2. I am 'factory trained ' by xpel and when I asked to suspend my monthly dap account they scrubbed me from their search and blocked me from logging on to order even pre cut kits or bulk material. 

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I'm sorry that you feel this way Stan, as this was not any installer's decision, just a function of supply, demand, and physical location.  Purely my own decision, and nothing personal.


We are committed to moving forward in a way that we do not saturate any given market with installers unless market demand allows for a denser than normal situation.  Being that we have  solid retail and wholesale coverage in the Beaverton area, and that your shop was extremely close to a longtime loyal XPEL customer, we had to assess the situation.  


As I mentioned, we are constantly working to create additional demand in the marketplace and we invite you to check back in 6 months to see if any new opportunities have opened up.


The folks from SolarGard are great people and I'm sure they will take care of you!

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I got my screen name from when I was young. Relatives always said Stanley.... You can sell anything.... All you need is a flat rock to work off of.

Demand is created....my specialty. 


* again edited post because I hate negativity and I let mine escape. I feel the same but don't need to spread it to others. My appoigees to any of my friends who might have been affected by my negativity :twocents 

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Rebuking negativity
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I recall a common complaint on the forum has been that distributors oversaturate areas with dealers, allowing too many shops to carry their brand, now when one is trying not to oversaturate areas people are upset?


I don't know, just trying to see this from both sides.

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