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Light gap on side of back windows....should this be redone?

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Car is a '17 S3


The rear vertical side of both rear windows is a 1/4" gap which extends to 1/2" at the bottom corner. I can see the light leaking in when I look back from the front seat.




Both back seat windows are like this and are identical (same cut).


It's less noticeable from the outside but still noticeable if you look for it


Is this just a sloppy job and am I being unreasonable if I go back and demand it be redone?



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10 hours ago, DynamicAppearance said:

First looked like a plotter cut that was just too short, but the last photo is handcut...gap up top sucks too. 


I thought so too because they're both cut exactly the same, so it wasn't a mistake. I'm confused as why they would cut both windows like that.


The front windows are much better and right up to the edge. Maybe they had 2 guys working on it?


Guess I'll find out when I bring it back this week

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