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I have a heat display unit that I manufacture for one of my customers.

It's a motorized, remote controlled unit with a 250W heat lamp, 44" X 10" X 1/4" glass front.

This unit comes with graphics on the face plate, remote, mounting hardware and standoffs

to mount the glass. I also manufacture Desktop units with a 250 watt heat source.

 http://unitedqualitywelding.com/custom-heat-display-units If you guys know anyone

interested in the Best Heat Demo Unit on the market (IMO) have them give me a call at

713-489-2379. I ship to all of the Upper 48 States for free, Hawaii and Alaska are based

on current postal rates.We offer discounted rates for US Military Veterans, and multiple

unit purchases.

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The original unit was done by a company in Reno, Nevada. When they moved the corporate office to Houston TX, they had me to start making them. I addressed the design flaws, and made the necessary improvements. Since taking over the account, they actually haven't had any dealer complaints with the wall mounted heat demo. Thanks for your feedback, I was wondering if anyone was out there.

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I had to make it better, I can't put my name on a product that I know has major issues. I think the reason they chose me was because I pointed out all of the flaws with the unit before they finished showing it off to me. They are a really good group of guys, and was very receptive to the changes that I suggested. There are a lot of fabricator's out there, but if they don't understand the mechanics of what they are building, they will always run into problems. I actually had the rep from the company that provides the linear system meet with me so that we could get the right parts to compensate for the downward shear created by the light fixture. Besides, I'm from Columbus GA, I could never go back a failure, they would never let me live it down.

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