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what tint stripper do you use?

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I have pink stripper from dragon. I used it on a 2011 Chevy pickup and I tried everything to clean the streak marks on his door panel. This was my first scare with it and issue. I used olive oil on the door panel I ran out of high gloss vinyl spray. Lol :joedirtand believe it or not but it hid the marks. I'm sure I will get a call. 

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4 hours ago, Crazydays01 said:

I do to. Sometimes there is some glue left over And I spray the whole window with stripper and give it a good cleaning. then this miss hap. have you ever stained plastic panel? 

Nope, if I've got glue left behind I'll go back over it with the steam to soften it and then hit it with a razor blade or scrub pad. Occasionally I'll spray some of my slip solution on it and it'll soften it enough as well.

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All those strippers are too harsh.  Last one left burn mark on my hand and i tossed that shiat.  Unless you were using it in a bg with defrosters, there is really no need to use it. As mentioned just use the steamer to help remove nasty adhesive.  You probably didnt do any harm. Just removed dirt/armor all like a cleaner does.  I still want to try LA awesome. 

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17 minutes ago, Crazydays01 said:

good to know. thank you at I will change my process asap. My streamer is a McClutch and I it has a little calcium build up. what do you guys use for water.?

I've got a McCulloch steamer as well and I use nothing but distilled water in mine. It's about 4-5 years old and I've had no problems with it. 

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