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It's been a while since I've laid film

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Found myself wanting to grab the red dot after about four years hiatus from working in a local tint shop. I did okay while working in that shop but definitely understand the need for experience in this line of work. I work currently as a department mgr in a manufacturing plant in the decor department (it's all new to me) and found the application is a lot like window film.


So I collected up some tools and a sample roll of film and went to work on my sisters newer (didn't bother to ask the year) Ford Focus to do her fronts after she got a fix it ticket last year and had the film stripped. 


Long story short, them roll ups kicked my butt :lol for a couple hours while I got my sea legs back underneath me and remembered how a small mistake can cause you to start all over again. 


She ended up with a small gap on each window and some contamination in the front corners because they were a pain to tuck, but the film laid flat and the gaps weren't noticeable. And hey, it was fun as heck and all I want to do is get another car in my garage and knock it out.


Cheers to all here on the forum :beer

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