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I live in Alaska and ive been driving with 5% all around and 15% on the windshield for over a year now and either ive been getting really lucky or cops here dont really seem to care.

Ive tinted about 5 vehicles in the past month with either 15% or 5% all around and none of them got pulled over. I also see a lot of people here with dark tint.

Our laws say 5" strip, 70 in the front and 40 in the back.

How easy is it for you guys to get pulled over for dark tint?









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Your profile says you are 18... So let's go with that.


I would strongly advise against posting pictures of your car, or your customer's cars, with highly illegal and incredibly dangerous film installed on them. You never know who is reading this forum and believe it or not, it really wouldn't be hard for someone to figure out who you are.... ie. the police. 



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There is absolutely no reason to want privacy on a front windshield.  That is unless you are a cop killer or your banging hookers in a parking lot. 


Windshield tint is for UV protection and heat rejection.  IMO, it

should never be darker than 50%. Even 60% and 70% can reduce visibilty at night.  I will never install anything that dark...because i want to protect my customers, not kill them. 

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