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Slip solution problem

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Hello to everyone, 

i have a problem with the slip solution. 

I use film-on and suntek film and I have problems with the back window. I mix 1 L of water with 4 pumps of film-on .

Here's what I do:

after i shrink and cut the foil I take it to the pealborad I peal the protective layer (release Lainer)and I spray slip solution and after I put the protective layer back, and I roll the film in a tube.

i spray the back window with slip solutions and I unroll the foil and remove the transparent layer.

here is my problem, when foil touches the glass I cannot move it, it sticks and if I try to move it it sticks harder. 

And let's say I manage to put it in place, After I squeegee it, i see some white residue like I have used to much slip solution. 

The temperature in my shop is 19^ Celsius.

i use distilled water.

i don't now what I do wrong.

i now that film on is pressure sensitive. But how is posible to move it when is so aggressive, why is called slip solution? 

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Sounds like you need more film on in your bottle/tank at least for your back window installs the white streaks are probably air from it drying out before you squeegee. (More slip solution will help you SLIDE the film into position). And give you more time to install correctly, the hotter it is the more slip you need as well. :thumb subscribe and enter stan's raffle we can help!

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I tried today with more film on, I have mamaged to move and repositioning the film, but after I squeegee it the Same problem white stuff everywhere. Is like I stick the film and after I peal of and reapply it back.

i clean the glass with a concemtrat solution from bruxsafol for Windows cleaning. 

I will buy dirt of solution is this good?

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