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Normal Tint Job? Dust Specks

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Is this normal? I know that sometimes a 100% perfect tint job isn't possible, but is this normal? Should I get it redone or am I being too nickpicky? There are three dust specks as you can see, the 5% film makes it stand out from close up. Is it possible for it to go away on its own? Any input would be great, thanks!


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On 3/4/2017 at 7:16 AM, Lock said:

100% perfect tint job is NEVER possible. 


I can't really tell from the pic but in general if all you have are three small specks in a window then consider yourself fortunate. 

Why? Lol. They look like little peanuts.

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Come to my shop and for 2500$ I will give you the perfect tint job! Offer applies to one window, the rest of them will double in price as we go. Even the best tinter try's not to look at the one spec on their ride! We try..... very hard and will defend each other's work if need be. Your paint has more flaws in it im sure

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o shit that is like a point blank shot.


Can you see it standing 2 feet back? if my eyes are  3 inches away from your vehicle i'm sure i can see swirls, dust under your paint as well.


Its just depending  if you can see it from a normal natural distance. Anyone  that has to look for the issue 3cm away or has to use there hand to run across the glass to feel for issues needs to back up. 


Last time someone asked me to do the impossible i think i emptied his bank account and put it in mine.

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