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Best slip solution and cleaning solution for Suntek film

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I use Suntek and film on  but on the reare window always appear white stuff like small small small white soap bubbles and the adhesive or the glass is drying to fast before I apply the film. Is like you mouth the film with very little slip solution. 

I used Armolan film also but is more aggressive. 

I will post some pics tomorrow. 

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It seems to me that the glass and the film have not was not properly wet and that it has little lubricant. Make sure you wet the film well when peeling and that you use enough shampoo.

By the way, what do you mean when you say Armolan is aggressive?





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I've seen this. It occurs after you squeegee all the water out of a certain area and a bubble of air passes through that area. Different things can cause this, but I usually get this when I squeegee a finger and a bit of air is left over, or when I put a seal back in, roll up the window, and a bit of air has been pushed under the film. On a larger window this can occur when you squeegee the water out and a finger shoots in to that area from a different area.


What can fix this is push hard with a squeegee to get a bit of water into a pocket then move the pocket of water around the area with the ghosting. You can also use the corner of a stiff card to press the ghosting out, but you risk scratching the film. 


To avoid this I try to squeegee out whole areas rather than makes passes across the entire pane.


I use LLumar if it makes a difference, but any time I've left these alone they have gone away once the film cures.

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