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Poor tint job, with collateral damage HELP

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Looking for professional advice and opinion please.


I did my research and found one of the better reviewed shops around me to tint the car (authorized 3M installer). When I got there it was dead mine was the only car and there were 2 guys. Within an hour 2 more cars showed up and they seemed to begin rushing to get my car done. No worries as long as it looks good I said.

Tint is 3M Cryatalline 70% front window and the sides and back are 3M ceramic 30%. Cost was 450 for car 200 for windshield. They had some vinyl and said he could wrap the rear reverse lights and side lights for 70$ extra. I say sure seems easy enough so I wasn't worried they would mess it up.... 

So 760$ + I'm into this job and below are some pictures. From 10' car looks great. Up close there's problems.

1. Rear passenger door was cut to small so there's a 1/4" strip of light when you look out.

2. The bubbles on front and rear windows are not just waiting to dry but at the very center contain debris (dust etc) so I don't thing they'll lay flat in a couple weeks. Some are long and also seem like a good size air pocket.

3. When they did the vinyl on the back they cut it on the car with an exacto knife and left a nice deep razor line and pass pointed at the corners :/

4. Vinyl didnt stick from the bringing and peeled at edges on drive home...

5. Driver A pillar is all scratched in the clear coat from the tool belt the guy had on.

I noticed the exacto cut and the owner said he would redo with larger vinyl. I was willing to juSt let it go as I get that things aren't always perfect... The bubbles were told to me theyd go away but now with car washed I can see debris under many. Why I paid and left I don't know. 

So suggestIons on if these are valid concerns and how to address this with business owner?

My thoughts were to just go to another 3M authorized installer and show them and try to have them fix under lifetime warranty but my concern then is they will say it was user install error? My other thought is to just demand refund tell them they can remove the tint and provide compensation to repair damage? How many would let them try again to fix it? They kept blaming bubbles on the tint being so thick making it harder but I thought that higher quality tint usually was easier? 



Here's is a link to my post in the charger hellcat forum with pictures (best I could get as sun was going down)



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Thank you for the honest reply I just wanted to make sure my frustration and initial (rage ha ha) wasn't me being a perfectionist or unrealistic...



It's a charger hellcat I had just purchased it And had less than 100miles on it, temp tags, and was a showroom car without any flaws... I just want a refund at this point and to go someplace else to fix it... Any pros in the Austin Dallas Waco areas that could just do a legit job? I'm in Belton TX 

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Yep! Definently go back and get your money back. I saw creases, too much water left behind, incorrect fit causing light gap and too much contamination in the film. The taillights definently should have had the edges stuck down better than that and they should not have cut it with the exacto not to mention the damage of scratches to the pillar near the back glass. Poor work and gross lack of care of customers car. So sorry you had a bad experience with that shop. Hope you get it resolved quickly and find someone to treat you and your car right.

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Also, I should mention they didn't have any "ceramic 3m" tint warranty cards so they wrote it on a 3M crystalline one. They just showed me a roll of tint said it was 30% ceramic now I wonder if thats even what I got ? 



Oh and he tried to use a black paint marker to fill in where he pass pointed with the knife after I pointed it out... 



I really appreciate the comments thanks

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52 minutes ago, BoneDctr515 said:

Also, I should mention they didn't have any "ceramic 3m" tint warranty cards so they wrote it on a 3M crystalline one. They just showed me a roll of tint said it was 30% ceramic now I wonder if thats even what I got ? 


You need to watch some shops.  The whole reason I decided to get into tinting was because I paid to have Solargard HP Quantum installed on my vehicle, and I know for a fact that is not what was installed on the whole car.  My driver's side window faded and discolored in three years time AND it was a royal pain to remove, even with steam.  The other windows came off relatively easy in one piece with steam.  The faded and discolored window film, broke, and peeled off in layers.  The tint on that window was also thinner.  In fact, I spent an hour just removing and cleaning that one window!

I'd get into the whole warranty aspect, but they moved, changed names, and claimed it was a different business, even though it was the same owner with the same employees.  Oh well, live and learn.

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I've seen better tint jobs! Can't comment on the scratches without before pictures.  New car but sometimes a customer sees damage only after having work done. Are there scratches on the front door by the mirror. ... and did you get the windshield done? 

Feel for you.  Remember no matter how mad this makes you to be polite but firm on the tint. Probably owner will want to replace the tint which should be normal. If not still be nice and contact the rep for the film company of film you are supposed to have.

Again,  I would be upset myself and would have to work on nice but it's the best route to take especially if you have to take it further. 

Thanks for visiting us on TintDude :beer

Cheers Stan

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That's too bad... I'm hoping that's not the case here but who knows? I just want it removed and my money back at this point. I'm hoping they won't make this into a big deal because I'll spend the money on principle to figure out what's actually on the car and ensure they have to make it right at this point...

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Most any of us would want a chance to replace the film before losing a customer and money we have invested already.  If they don't want to replace it or give you some money back .... there's your sign!

What kind of Google reviews do they have?  Yelp and some of the other reviews sites can be bogus and so can Google but trust them the most.

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