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Any opinions on Edge Film Technologies??

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I know the Huper warehouse address in Texas and the Edge address in Texas are just down the street from each other.


I also know we bought some edge XP and it had good performance, installed & shrank nicely, had good color, was very clear ( no detectable haze) and had a nice hard scratch coat.


really our biggest obstacle with carrying it is that they don't offer a 42/45 vlt film to get us too our net 35 legal number here.   


The rep was quite evasive about the exact construction of the film and long term test results which put me off as well.  He was also equally reassuring that the product is as solid as the day is long...   Everything I know about him would leed me to believe this is true.  


We were under the impression that a local vinyl warehouse was going to be the distributor which would make picking up orders easy but I hear that just one of the main warehouses were going to stock it for now.


and as Forret Gump says ' and that's all I know about that '


I think if I didn't love out current offering I would probably take a chance on it. :twocents

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I had a sample of it and it shrank well and the color was nice, adhesive seemed to be good. They have a very different cost structure and as of a couple weeks ago they were supposed to be having a meeting to discuss a new price structure? I guess time will tell

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Thanks guys,

I installed their ceramic70% in a front windshield and I agree @TTS I kinda liked it how it shrinks and looks but then I tried  a sample of the 30% ( which was supposed to be their new generation on dyed series according to the rep) and I wasn't very impressed...!!! There isn't any info about automotive films even on their website but probably they are preparing some surprise ?!!

As for the pricing I don't find it odd because is the same as if you calculate the sf of any roll...

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