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1922 studerbarker light 6 sedan

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Sup guys my coworker owns this car and ask me to tint it, the higher the % the better he doesn't want any darkness on it he's looking for security film just in case of  a accident when his kids are in the car i personally don't know much about security film don't know wich one should i recommend plus he's very demanding when it come to work with the car he don't want to remove any panels wish i understand or trim any seals so if any of you guys have any recommendations i will appreciate this a one of a kind car and im very looking forward to do it thank guys!!!.... And yea i know it's gonna be one hell of a mission:nervous





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I believe you'll want to use at least a 3 or 4 mil to be safe, but I wouldn't go much thicker than that. The glass is annealed I assume? It's not tempered glass? Is he very concerned about looks, or purely the safety of his kids?

The film won't react well, or look nice, if there is any debris under it. The thicker the film, the bigger the fish eye around the debris

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Yeah I believe that would be a big Ole pass for me. Job is going to be difficult to get clean, on top of ordering film you'll never use again plus if you mess something up God only knows what it would take to fix it. 

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I was asked to do something similar and I passed.   I was afraid I would break the glass with the pressure required to install even a 4 mil window film.   


Not like you can order a "new" window. 

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