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Looking to try new films!

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Let me start by saying that I been tinting for about 6 months now and I have gotten very good at it ,I currently use express window film which I do like so far but looking to try other films at a reasonable price . What you guys recommend and why?

thnak you all in advanced

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3 minutes ago, jh812 said:

Dragon distributing will not sell you global if express is your regions dealer. They will sell you solar fx though. 

Hmmm yeah I understand the whole Global/Express regions issue.  But here's the response I got from the rep when I tried to open an account:

"Howard and the gang are great people and we have a long relationship with EWF and don't want to stress that relationship. You are in good hands with them."


I wanted to try the CarbonFx Series as a replacement for Express Classic Black.  With CB, the highest VLT is 42%.  In UT with the legal limit being 43.5% I want to use 50% so customers aren't failing for tint come inspection time.  I had heard great things about SolarFX and figured I would give them a try because they offer a 50% in the Carbon series, which looks like a perfect sub for Classic Black.


I respect the integrity of the sales rep to maintain their relationship with Express, but I'm kind of bummed out I'm not able to do biz with Dragon Dist. because of my purchase history with EWF.  Not trying to stir shit or anything, this was just my experience.

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